March 2020 Security Awareness

Follow this link for a great phishing infographic from Digital Guardian, covering phishing, vishing, smishing and social media phishing.

Most used phishing emails.

Here are the five of the most successful phishing email styles.
Be extra diligent when receiving emails of this type.
1. Special Offer.
These will typically come from a major company (Apple, Adobe, Amazon) in order to capture the interest of as many victims as possible.

2. Customer Complaint.
These may come from a fake customer or a spoofed Better Business site.

3. Job Applicant.
These attacks are very successful, even if the victim isn’t waiting for a resume, they are usually curious about the attached document.

4. Fake News Article.
An email that usually catches the most victims, using a subject currently in the news.

5. Account Compromised.
Usually from a large and secure company like Equifax or a popular bank.