Business Continuity


Imagine your computer network running smoothly, the network server is fully maintained with the latest software updates and the workstations that your employees use, all have the latest anti-virus software installed. If something does go wrong, everything is safely backed up.

This is known as the IT portion of Business Continuity. Northern Computer and its team of technical staff are experts at it. We provide support on-site, remote and in the cloud.

Business Continuity has four major components which are covered in our services.

1. Network management.
2. Backup and Recovery.
3. Security Solutions.
4. Action Plan.

Northern Computer IT Services.

Managing a network, large or small, can be a challenging task. Northern Computer has installed and managed business networks for over 30 years. We have a team of over 20 experienced technicians capable of deploying complicated solutions, and resolve any IT issue.

• Cloud Hosted services: Server, Email, Backups, MS Office products and Sharepoint.
• Full Managed Services: Network Protection and Monitoring, IT Manager, , Printer Services
• Backup and Recovery: Offsite or onsite, full redundancy and disaster recovery strategies.
• Security Management: Antivirus, security assessments, social and network security.
• Full Site Planning: Site Assessments including budgeting, diagrams and action plans.