CISPro Point of Sale

Flexible software

for your retail business.

A user-friendly and proven Point of Sale software package for Canadian businesses.

CISPro POS Software Highlights at a Glance

  • CISPro is very flexible with inexpensive custom programming available and is compatible with common database software such as Access, Crystal Reports and others.
  • Works with many major brands of Point of Sale hardware including cash drawers, barcode scanners, pole displays and receipt printers.
  • Runs on a standard Windows computer and is very easy to learn and use. Training Videos and unlimited phone support helps you implement CISPro quickly and painlessly.

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  • Template previous Point of Sale Invoice to create new one to save time. Works well to refund the same items on an invoice.
  • Split payments, bill to another client or use store credits on file.
  • Enter product by barcoded labels easily. QuickSale option makes processing POS retail items quick and easy.
  • Rentals and loaners accommodated with rental extensions feature.
  • View backorder status on any customer, any inventory product including date ordered and estimated time of delivery.
  • Email a PDF copy of the invoice to multiple contacts.
  • Calculate profit margins, adjust pricing by discounts or margins (line item or whole invoice) and view total cost/profit per invoice.
  • Add-on sales recommendations popup for certain inventory items.
  • Departments and Categories define the inventory groupings.
  • 6 Pricing levels for clients.
  • Template Last and Price Code setup for common markup, discount or direct pricing reduces time when entering new product.
  • Kit type items allow up to 20 items per kit (with 2nd level kits allowed) for combination products.
  • Coupon type items track purchases made by coupons.
  • Sales start/end dates and promotion codes allow for automatic pricing for sales promotions.
  • Add-on sales recommendations setup for certain inventory items.
  • Multiple vendors and vendor part numbers for each item.
  • Designate reorder points – minimum stocking levels and suggested order quantities
  • Shows detail lines linked to inventory items for quick lookup.
  • Default G/L Codes and default costing for regular items such as telephone and rent bills.
  • Cash Requirements, Open Payables and other reports to track your payables.
  • Integrates with Job Costing module.
  • Automatically calculates GST (and can be modified) so that you don’t have to separately enter and code.
  • Write quick cheques using the same interface. (Cheque #’s accomodate alphanumerics for online banking reference #s)
  • Up to 6 price levels to allow for customer discounting per product.
  • Unlimited date-stamped notes can be kept for any customer for accounting and sales information
  • Unlimited contacts per customer with name, address and multiple phone#’s, email and notes kept on each.
  • Categorization of customers and customer contacts for relationship management. Use the Email Marketing form to do mass email marketing to specific categories and to specific people.
  • Search for customers by Account ID, Phone#, Name, Address with wildcard searching capabilities.
  • Find current status of customer orders easily.
  • Link to MapQuest to provide map for any customer address.
  • Create suggested orders by entered sales orders, inventory Reorder levels and work order requirements automatically.
  • Enter ETA (estimate time of arrival) for each item – and update it as vendor information comes in, allowing for more accurate customer information for your sales staff.
  • Order in foreign currency, with conversion factor that receives in Canadian $.
  • Add notes, reference numbers and other information to purchase orders for clarity.
  • Process return authorizations and track them.
  • Receive items with date, customer and sales ID designated.
  • Search previous purchase orders for historical data.
  • Modify purchase order format to your specifications.
  • Create quotes in several formats, with user defined headings, subtotals and page breaks.
  • Leasing information can be printed on quote (defined by yourself).
  • Easy to use form (same format as POS).
  • Convert quote with all info to sales order or invoice easily.
  • Unlimited descriptive fields for specifications or customer required info.
  • Cut/copy/paste between separate quotes (using the two screen option).
  • Use templates for standard quotes with the ability to customize.
  • Email your quotes to customers.
  • Use the add-on option to automatically recommend high margin accessories to include in quote.
  • Track work orders by serial#, customer, description and RMA number.
  • Warranty and non-warranty, depot and onsite labour as well as parts, freight and travel costs recorded.
  • Schedule technicians with promised times, priority code, repair location and estimated time for repair.
  • Designate work codes for different types of service work including hourly, flat rate or warranty fee based.
  • Enter unlimited notes for each work code performed, resulting in a detailed and accurate work order.
  • Analyze technician time and billings to generate payroll records.
  • Track warranty reimbursement.
  • Internal notes for tracking of the status of each work order.
  • Bill to a different client such as a third party warranty provider.
  • Record actual and billed hours and report on difference.