Image Backup – Backup Strategies – Part 2

filesBacking up Files vs Image Backup

A regular backup copies your server files and is meant for restoring items on a small scale. An image backup, by contrast, copies the entire server or virtual machine. An image backup creates a snapshot of the operating system and all the data associated with it, including the system state, and configurations.

imageWhen recovery is required a backup image will allow full restore without having to reinstall the operating system, find product keys, setup users and permissions and other system settings.

The chart below shows the different costs associated with each type of backup. Downtime Cost is based on quickest time to recovery. All costs are estimated and assume either the current server does not require hardware repairs or that a loaner server is available.

We recommend adding hosted off-site backup for critical data sets to reduce risk in the event of a localized disaster or failure of the image backup of the previous night.

Note: Downtime Cost only includes cost to rebuild and restart server, not employment or loss of sales costs. Regular backups will cost less to implement but more to recover than an image backup.

image backup chart

As you can see, the more you put into a backup the less it costs to recovery (in time and money) in the event of a failure. It is recommended to find a solution that fits your business. Not everyone needs to have a High Availability backup solution.

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