Firewall Edge Security

Network Firewalls

The wall between you

and the outside world.

A network firewall is a barrier between your network and the outside world. The firewall filters packets of information, and blocks data that may be harmful to your business or network.

As your business grows and volumes of data increase, it becomes increasingly important to make sure your security solution is not a bottleneck.

Fortigate Firewalls from Fortinet

Fortigate firewalls are compact, all-in-one security appliances that deliver Fortinet’s Connected UTM. Ideal for small business, remote, customer premise equipment (CPE) and retail networks, these appliances offer the network security, connectivity and performance you need at a single low per-device price.

  • All in one High-Performance network Security appliance.
  • Advanced threat protection, including application control and intrusion prevention systems.

Meraki Firewalls from CISCO

Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances is ideal for organizations with large numbers of distributed sites. Since the MX is 100% cloud managed, installation and remote management is simple. The MX has a comprehensive suite of network services, eliminating the need for multiple appliances. Services include Layer 7 application firewall, content filtering, web search filtering, SNORT® based intrusion prevention, web caching, Intelligent WAN with multiple WAN uplinks and 4G failover.

  • Multi-layer security including intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
  • Universal Threat Management (UTM) and full Application Control Security.
  • Full web filtering, anti-spam and traffic shaping technology.