Site Assessments

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Having a clear picture of a current network infrastructure and forming a concrete plan for the future are things every small business would like. It’s a complicated process that involves taking accurate inventory and developing a prioritized action list, one that takes into account budget, technology and your company’s needs and growth. Northern Computer offers two different site assessments, depending on your requirements.

Basic Site Assessment Highlights.

  • Onsite Inventory collection (general specification).
  • Executive summary and list of recommendations.
  • Consultation to determine technology needs of the company.

Advanced Site Assessment Highlights.

  • Onsite Inventory collection (full server, workstation and device inventory).
  • Detailed list of items and recommendations including full prioritization chart.
  • Visual site plan and network plan (if applicable)
  • IT Strategy document designed with action and budget plan over two years.
  • Full three year site IT budget and implementation plan.
  • Network security analysis to determine any issues.