database structureBusiness Productivity

Choosing the right software for your business is the most important aspect of business continuity. Regardless of how well your network infrastructure performs, if applications do not meet the needs of your company, productivity will suffer.

We have experienced staff to assist in renewing licenses and determining the best and most cost effective licensing programs to be on. We’re immersed in the complexities of software licensing so you don’t have to be. We make sure you understand what software you already own and have deployed, making the options for your next investment more clear.

Northern Computer is well respected for its expertise in installation and support of mainstream business software applications. We are fully authorized for several products.



  • Microsoft Business Partner (MS Office).
  • CISPro Point of Sale Solutions.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • VMWare Virtualization (vSphere)
  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup.
  • Accounting Software



image028Microsoft Office


Microsoft is the standard small to enterprise business productivity software sold in the world. With Office 2013, Microsoft has shown its commitment to building a complete line of applications that continue to work with each other to provide productivity gains not experienced before. Integration of OneNote and Outlook is an example of a level of transparency that makes every day go smoother.



Microsoft 2013 Office Productivity software:


  • Word: The standard in word processing for over 30 years and still going strong.
  • Excel: Released on the Mac in 1985 it’s used for everything to do with numbers.
  • Powerpoint: Makes presentations and building your own story easier than ever.
  • Outlook: Work smarter and find what you need – simple and fast.
  • OneNote: Perfect for catching ideas and thoughts and effortlessly share them with anybody.


image029CISPro Systems

CISPro is a user-friendly and proven Point of Sale software package for Canadian business. Many of the features in CISPro such as loyalty rewards and suggested sales are considered “Extras” with other Point of Sale programs – but included at no charge in the basic version.


Whether your business involves a complex network of terminals with a large volume of transactions or simply one cash register, Cispro is the solution you’re looking for.


CISPro modules include:


  • POS system is the heart of CISPro. All sales transactions go through here.
  • Integrated with POS and inventory are Accounts Payable, Receivable and General Ledger.
  • Purchasing and Receiving module links to other modules for better control and analysis.
  • Service Centre allows you to easily organize your electronics or automotive services process.
  • Inventory Control with pricing matrices, serialization and multiple cross references.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management

image030Microsoft Dynamics: Your customers know more than ever before—making buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey—building deeper relationships with customers and personalizing every interaction.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we help you reimagine sales around this new customer journey. Your sales reps can zero in and focus on the most impactful activities.