Windows 10 Should I Upgrade or Not


With the free upgrade offer ending on July 29th, this is a question we get asked daily. In this article we’ll answer a few of the common questions, explain different scenarios where upgrading makes sense and where it can cause trouble.

If I take the plunge, can I go back to Windows 7 or 8.1?
Yes, there is a one month time frame where you can roll back your operating system to the older OS. This is dependent on the folder windows.old so if you have deleted that you are out of luck. If you are feeling adventurous (and want to upgrade) we recommend you do a complete backup of your system (especially all your data files) before attempting the upgrade.

What are the new features of Windows 10 and do I need them?
Most of the new features are cosmetic or productivity based. Microsoft has taken the concept around Windows 8.1 and rebuilt it right.

  • The Start Menu: The whole Metro/Start Menu has been rewritten into an elegant user interface that works. It gives you the flexibility to customize the system just the way you like.
  • Cortana: Uses Microsoft’s Bing system to find everything you might want on your computer or the Internet.
  • Edge Browser: Replacement for Internet Explorer built from the ground up. Works well, however there are lots of great browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Virtual Desktop/Task View: Like the Start Menu, these new features allow you to customize and increase productivity by having multiple desktops available.

Will my old software and printers/scanners work with Windows 10?
Maybe. This is where we see most of the challenge. Clients upgrade to Windows 10 and their video doesn’t work properly or they can no longer print or that piece of software they have used for years no longer works. Typically, unless there is a Windows 10 updated driver or software version available, the client usually goes back to the old operating system.

Don’t Upgrade Scenarios.

  • You have an older computer, use older programs and everything is running good.
  • You use a piece of custom software or have a specialty device (printer, scanner, plotter) that you use.
  • You don’t see a need for the new features of Windows 10, and are happy with your current OS.

Upgrade Scenarios.

  • Your company replaces several computers each year. Because new systems will soon come with only Windows 10 it makes sense to upgrade all your systems so you have a consistent user experience.
  • You have Window 8.1 and would much prefer the improved interface in Windows 10.

If you are planning on upgrading, do it now, it’s free. After July 29th you will have to pay for a full license. If you are not planning on upgrading and want to get rid of the annoying Windows 10 notifications and downloads try:
The GWX Control Panel or give us a call and we can do it for you.

Contact Northern Computer today for more information and for advice on upgrading to Window 10.