May 2020 Security Awareness

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We conducted a phishing simulation for your company two weeks ago.
These tests are designed to further educate on how to spot threats.

Two emails stood out as being clicked the most.

Here are some tips on spotting these type of emails.

Free Starbucks Coffee

This was a very tempting email but Starbucks has only two websites, and

By hovering your mouse over the ‘Click Here‘ link you can see that you are not going to be taken to either of the actual Starbucks sites.

In the second screen, if you are ever asked to download something to your computer, always double check that the source is legitimate AND that you asked for it.

Fax Message

This email said there was a 4 page fax ready to download.
Whenever there is an exposed link, hovering your mouse will quickly tell you if it is being spoofed.

In the case below, the link says it is going to but the destination does not match!
This is a perfect clue to the email being fake.