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For over 35+ years, our mission is to deliver secure and simple solutions for a strong and dependable digital foundation.

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Fast, effective, and excellent! Had some assistance from Nolan for a technical issue in my office and was blown away by the professionalism, personability, and expertise!


We used Northern to set up the network, modems etc at our business. Two years later, everything still works! And when I have had new tech challenges, they’ve always been prompt, knowedgeable and helpful. Highly recommended for small business support!

Pandosy Vet

Great Service! This company brings value to every client they work with and will actively work with you to provide the solution you need for your business’ IT environment.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower businesses to grow and thrive in a digital world by providing reliable and innovative technology solutions, prioritizing the security of our clients’ sensitive information, and delivering exceptional customer service. We are committed to building long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency, and to continuously staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving IT landscape to ensure our clients’ success.

How We Started

In 1981, we began by servicing in Northern British Columbia and the Okanagan Valley, Canada. We quickly grew to become a full-service IT solutions provider and have established ourselves as a leading independent IT provider in Western Canada. Now, we service all of western Canada with over 250+ businesses, organizations, municipalities, and school districts.

Our Core Values

At Northern Computer, our core values help us hire people who are hardworking, creative, and driven. We nurture an environment that encourages personal growth and development with a focus on team collaboration. We create an atmosphere of innovation so we can continue to bring our clients the best solutions possible. That’s why we’re loved by our customers.

Our Services

Headquartered in the Okanagan, we have the largest and best team ready to service small businesses, school districts, municipalities, and large organizations in Western Canada. We are passionate about our customers’ success and aim to provide them with best-in-class services to ensure their businesses stay competitive.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to help you every step of the way. We look forward to continuing our mission of providing reliable digital infrastructure solutions for decades to come!

From SMB HelpDesk to large-scale project implementation, we provide a multitude of services that include:

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