Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Aside from affordability, businesses are realizing the scalability and convenience of cloud services. With cloud services, data can be accessed from any device, anywhere and anytime, with only an Internet connection.

Northern Computer is a leader in Cloud Computing IT Solutions. With our cloud hosting services, you can be confident that you are automatically getting the most up-to-date and secure versions of business-critical applications. You can stop worrying about your hardware replacement needs or your software becoming outdated.

Azure File Servers and Apps

Dedicated server solutions matched to your business.

Microsoft Office 365

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Exchange Email and Calendar

For desktop/mobile including virus and spam protection.

AV Defender AntiVirus

Powerful virus and malware protection for Windows.

Offsite Backup and Recovery

Fully managed offsite backup with daily monitoring.

OneDrive and Sharepoint

Business grade file sharing for all devices.

Dynamics CRM 365 Online

Bring people, data and process together.

Hosted Business Phones

Full VoIP Business Phones … cloud based.

What is Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked to allow centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources.

In a sense we have been living with ‘the cloud’ since the 1950’s when the first large scale main-frame became available and was controlled through terminal computers. Now we have the option of storing information in the cloud or locally due to computers having a bit more power than back then.

The term “moving to cloud” also refers to an organization moving away from a traditional capital expenditure model (buy the dedicated hardware and depreciate it over a period of time) to the operating expense model (use a shared cloud infrastructure and pay as one uses it).

There are advantages of both models and the decision to use the cloud for all or part of your computing needs will depend on your business. Factors like number of users, budget allocation and data sensitivity play a large roll. Northern Computer can help with that decision.

Northern Computer Cloud Services

Northern Computer uses several cloud vendors, including hosting some services in our own cloud.

Our cloud services are housed securely and reliably in the Landmark Technology Centre, Kelowna BC.  in a ‘Class A’ certified design, N+1 redundancy network structure. What does all that mean?

Redundancy in regards to IT systems is the provision of additional or duplicate systems, equipment, etc., that function in case an operating part or system fails.

Adding combined redundancy to a power structure and data storage plan means we can provide 99.99% uptime regardless of the situation or crisis that exists.

Some things to consider about Northern Computer Cloud Services.

  • Kelowna is the ideal location, cheap power, cheap winter cooling, minimal risk of natural disaster and quickly becoming the next data hub of BC.
  • The facility is fed by two separate (generator backed) power grids with APC Symmetra PX Pure Sine UPS system redundant power backups for full power failover.
  • Full end to end encryption across all systems.
  • Escorted 4 factor access, with full video surveillance and monitoring.
  • A secondary backup centre with dual fiber connection ensures high-speed redundancy.
  • Dual Internet supply by separate service providers ensures an always live condition.

Cloud to On-premise Comparison.
At Northern Computer, we are often asked for comparisons between the cloud and on-premise deployment. This overview provides general information on both solutions, advantages will depend on your business model.

Northern Computer is a leader in Cloud Computing IT Solutions. Contact us today for more information on how your business can use the cloud.