Security Assessments



How secure is your workplace?

With a security assessment one of our technicians will review several areas of your business, analyze and provide results. These results will help you determine issues to resolve, listed by priority and cost.

Some key areas we review.

We will review current policies and can help your company write a new set of security and email policies.

All users accessing your servers or workstations remotely should follow a set of security guidelines.

With more mobile devices being used in business, it is important to look at how they are being managed.

Firewalls, antivirus and system updates are three key areas we review during an assessment.

Wifi access is often an overlooked source of security threats. We review ways to make it more secure.

Security Self Assessment

To get started this simple one page self assessment will tell you more about security measures you are taking in your business.

Contact us today to have one of our technicians perform a security assessment for your business.